Hydromulch’s comprehensive land rehabilitation services will help revitalise soil and vegetation, prevent erosion and ensure healthier vegetation

Pasture Management

Post rehabilitation pasture management is undertaken with mowing, bailing, maintenance dressings in the form of fertiliser and vegetation surveys.

Mowing & Baling

Post Rehabilitation Veld management requires the regular Mowing and Baling of the Veldgrass. Read More

This practice also helps to prevent the spread of veld fires in sensitive areas such as Mine Conveyor servitudes, Buildings and other Infrastructure. Hydromulch is equipped with the Plant and equipment to undertake these services on a once-off and on-going contract basis.

Alien Vegetation Clearing

On completion of the AIP Survey and Mapping, Hydromulch can assist in the formulation and implementation of an AIP Clearing and Management Program.Read More

An AIP Management program will assist in the prioritisation AIP Eradication and Management projects, assuring a more structured planning of activities and formulation of project budgets. Using the Management Programs and Identification Information gathered during the Survey and mapping phase, Hydromulch is able to select an Eradication Strategy suited to the clients’ location, situation and budget.

Hydromulch understands and is able to work within the complexities of our Clients Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems.

Our Eradication Teams are therefore all fully equipped with Mine compliant Vehicles and Plant.

Alien invasive Plant Mapping

The Conservation of Agricultural Resources Act (Act No. 43 of 1983) as amended in 2001: Subjects Declared weeds and Alien Invasives to regulation. This list, referred to as the CARA list, is currently being revised.

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In terms of the amendments to Act 43, landowners are legally responsible for the control of Alien Plant Species on their properties. The Act furthermore places each Declared Weed or Invader into one of three categories, and stipulates how each category must be controlled.

In addition to this, the drafting of new legislation under the National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act (Act No. 10 of 2004), is under way at present. This legislation, which includes a list of “invasives”, was promulgated and gazetted in the Government Gazette in July 2009. This list, known as the NEMBAlist, will have additional species and different categories to CARA.

Planning and budgeting for AIP Eradication and Management requires complete information on the nature, scale and location of AIP’s

Hydromulch provides a comprehensive AIP Survey and Mapping service.

The information gathered on the AIP Survey is collated into a report, supported by Images, Location Maps and Identification information.

The Survey and Mapping are further summarised into a Report, providing our clients with clear and concise information to assist in their AIP eradication planning and prioritisation.

Large Scale Bush Clearing

Large infrastructure projects often require the clearing of construction areas and servitudes.

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Hydromulch offers a cost effective solution for Large Scale Vegetation Clearing operations, using our Fleet of Gyro-Trac Mulchers.

All our Mulchers are fully Mine Safety Compliant.

This Bush Clearing solution reduces the time and personnel required to undertake bush clearing operations, making this a far more cost effective solution than Conventional Vegetation Clearing methods.

Our Bush Clearing Service can manage diverse projects, from the Grubbing and Mulching of Grassland Shrubs, through the Clearing of Invasives such as Black Wattle, to the Felling and de-stumping of large tracts of Pines and Eucalyptus. 

Vegetation Maintenance and Clearing

Hydromulch recognises the importance of Vegetation Control on and around Industrial and Mining infrastructure.

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We also understand  and are able to work within the complexities of the Health, Safety and Environmental management systems that our clients implement on these sites.

Hydromulch offers a complete Vegetation Maintenance Service.

This service includes the following:

  • Cutting of vegetation on Servitudes.
  • Vegetation Control along Mine Conveyor Belts
  • Cutting of vegetation on Fence Lines
  • Clearing of Power Line Servitudes
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Cutting and Clearing of Firebreaks


We always thrive to produce new ideas that help us in our rehabilitation process.