Hydromulch’s comprehensive land rehabilitation services will help revitalise soil and vegetation, prevent erosion and ensure healthier vegetation

Soil Sampling

Hydromulch offers our Mining and Industrial clients the following Soil Sampling Services:Read More

  • Pre and Post Mining Soil Sampling
  • Facilitation of Comprehensive  Pre and Post Mining Soil Surveys
  • Collection of Bulk Soil Samples
  • GIS Referencing of all Samples

Environmental sampling and analysis

Water Sampling and Analysis: Hydromulch understands the need for regular monitoring of water chemistry and quality within the Mining and Industrial sector.Read More

We offer a collection service, complimented with the facilitation of Laboratory Analysis

Hydromulch offers the following Water Sampling Services:

  • Sulphates / Phosphates / Nitrates
  • Metals
  • pH
  • Salinity
  • Water Quality (Bacteria, etc…)
  • Full Spectrum Analysis

All samples collected are forwarded to Intertek Laboratories for Analysis.

Dust / Particulate Sampling
As most of our Mining and Industrial operations are located within close proximity to Residential Areas, Dust is recognised as a major contributor to community complaints. Dust and particulate sampling allows these operations to guage the effectiveness of Dust Suppression, as well as to evaluate the constituents of the particulate matter.

Hydromulch offers the following Dust / Particulate Sampling and Analysis:

  • Dust quantity
  • Full Spectrum Analysis

All samples collected are forwarded to Intertek Laboratories for Analysis.

Fertiliser Recommendations

Hydromulch facilitates the forwarding of all Soil Analyses to an Independent Soil Science Consultant, for interpretation and Recommendation. Read More

All Fertiliser and Amelioration recommendations are prepared by an Independent Soil Science Consultant.  Hydromulch assures that our Independent Consultants are not associated with any Fertiliser or chemical Distributors, thereby ensuring the integrity of all recommendations prepared.

Laboratory Analysis

Hydromulch facilitates the Laboratory Analysis of all Samples collected. All Sample Analyses are conducted by Intertek Laboratories Read More

The Laboratory Analysis Services include:

  • Soil Fertility Analysis
  • Metals Analysis
  • Leachate Analysis
  • Full Spectrum Analysis

All Soil Analysis Data is retained on a Secure Server Database, accessible by subscription to all clients. This service provides clients with valuable Historical Data, which can be used to build up a legacy of information critical to Mine Closure Planning and Rehabilitation of Industrial Land.


We always thrive to produce new ideas that help us in our rehabilitation process.